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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 20, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is 9 news now. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with weather. angie has traffic. we are talking about our favorite rest stop which is the most beautiful. it will be a nice day. more humid, though, right. >> nice in the fact the temperatures are on the comfortable side. we had a 96 one day last week. unofficially temperatures are four below average for the month of july so far and today will be another cool day if you will. let's talk about what is happening other than the rest stops and i like the one in emmittsburg. it is gorgeous on route 15. clouds moved in, a few brakes out there and a lot more humidity. go to the weather computer and we will talk about the satellite and radar combined. showers in southern virginia which are moving north northeast ward. they have a beeline for the metro area, at least parts of the area this morning.
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culpeper and baltimore 63. saturday morning baltimore and martinsburg had record lows in the lower 50s. today low 80s with a chance of a shower or two. right now 70 and code yellow moderate air quality. it is 5:01. you take it away. >> we'll do. it is my pleasure. happy monday, everybody. thanks for joining us so early. get started with a live camera tour. shall we? on the outer loop good amount of drivers but no delays at this time. flipping over to 270. showing you the southbound trip. it is smooth sailing but a good amount of volume and a delay from 121 and okay past this point. virginia see what is going on 395 northbound past duke street we are okay to the 14th street bridge. no problem. eastbound 66 the same situation right now. i don't have any incidents or
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accidents to report as we take a live shot through manassas. to wrap it up, through dc here's the northeast shot. light traffic on inbound new york avenue. hardly any in fact, can't even find a car. over to andrea. >> it's one small step for man one giant leap for man kind. >> reporter: today president obama will host the three members of the apollo 11 crew. they are expected to talk about the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing and discuss the space program in the years to come. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull is live with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. the astronauts made that pitch last night here at the smithsonian institute. 40 years ago today man first set foot on the moon and last night in washington kneel armstrong and his apollo crew members spoke about that moment. >> history is a sequence of
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random events and unpredictable choice, which is why the future is so difficult to foresee. >> reporter: those lucky enough to get tickets to last night's event at the smithsonian say they got a chance to be part of history. >> i figure this could be the last chance we will see the three apollo 11 astronauts together. >> reporter: the first men to sever their earthly bonds posed a question to their audience and the nation. >> america, do you still dream great dreams? do you still believe in yourself? are you ready for a great national challenge? >> reporter: that challenge, say the veterans, is for americans to also be the first to walk upon another planet. >> as celestial bodies go, the moon is not a particularly interesting place.
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but mars is. >> reporter: andrea, when the apollo 11 crew meet with president obama later today they are expected to pitch the president on a manned mission to mars. live armando trull from 9 news now and the military is condemning the release of the video of the captured soldier bowe bergdahl. they say the extremist group is exploiting the soldier in violation of international law. the 23-year-old private disappeared from his base three weeks ago. in the video he said he is scared and wants to go home. >> i have a very, very good family that i love back home in america. and i miss them every day when i'm gone. >> reporter: bowe bergdahl was also asked to send a message to the american people. in that message the taliban has asked americans to pressure the government to leave afghanistan. the taliban group holding him
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has not set any conditions for his release. the u.s. military says it is doing everything possible to get him back safely. the health insurance industry releases a nationwide ad campaign today in support of universal coverage and an offer to insure people who are already sick. an overhaul of the industry tops the agenda for the barack obama this week. both houses of congress are working on bills. the president calls it vital to the long-term recovery and he hopes to have something to sign in september. maryland governor will seek funds to build two transit systems a 14-mile red line through baltimore and a purple line between montgomery and prince georges counties. calls from the obama administration to increase transit funding are raising hopes in maryland that affording two or more transit projects at once is a realistic goal. dc mayor fenty has cut $12 million in earmarks from his
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upcoming budget. the may -- the mayor had proposed cutting it to $.3 million. they are likely to attract attention in part because some critics believe noncompetitive city grants are out of control. the council is expected to vote on july 31st. it is time for our first "living $mart" report of the morning. digital correspondent jessica doyle is here. with a preview of the week on wall street. good morning. >> reporter: investors are going to focus on earnings because that's the big message this week but last week's trading action will be a tough act to follow. wall street jumped 7% last week as earnings reports were better than expected. as for trading today, asian stocks surged 3% today. the dow stands at 743 after a gain of 32. the nasdaq gained 2. the s&p 500 was down a fraction. small and medium-sized business leader cit may have
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avoided bankruptcy. they worked with over the weekend to secure a $3 billion loan. they have been cram bling to raise money after the federal government refused to bail out the company. if it goes under the fear is some other business will go down, as well. ben bernanke will go before congress tomorrow to give his take on the state of the economy. he explains how they plan to wind down the without sparking inflation. wall street is worried inflation will be the next big problem and economists say it is unlikely to be a major problem. saving money, that's what you have coming up. >> that's right. we are saving you $2,000 a year and doing good things for your body at the same time. >> i like that. we will be watching. an aide to jack evans will be buried today an an investigation in to saturday's rail crash turns the scope of
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the actions of the operator moments before the crash. you are watching 9 news now t. it is 70 degrees.
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tgim. come on, mondays aren't so bad. traveling on the dulles toll road, looks like we are without incident. it is angie with the traffic this realtime coming up. in the news now, later today funeral services will be held in connecticut for desi deshane. he apparently drowned after a boating party a week ago. his body was found in the inner harbor. investigator says there were no signs of foul play and they believe he fell off of a dock. federal investigators say a san francisco train operator switched his controls from automatic to manual leading up to a crash this weekend. 48 people were hurt in the crash on saturday, four
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seriously when a westbound train rear ended another train at the opposite end of a boarding platform. they say if the operator had remained on auto pilot the train would have slowed down before arriving at the station and would likely have not slammedded in to another train. a lightning sparked fire as grown to 2,000-acres. a fire which is the largest of 23 flourished in 100-degree heat. the town of aspendale was evacuated along with nine campgrounds in the inyo national forest. and world health leaders are preparing for a fall battle with the h1n1 virus. after a beautiful weekend, the humidity has come back and that means the threat for showers is on the rise. the full forecast is coming up when 9 news now this morning
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but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. welcome back to 9 news now. our time is 5:13. howard is here to start the week off for us. >> i already blogged this morning about about the weather stations that the faa runs and their accuracy. so some thoughts on that. faa if you are out there, read it. you want if you want to talk to me we have the chat room going. it is all there at
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i'm not happy with the lack of accuracy. we'll put it that way. talk about the weather. because it is a beautiful weekend. good to have opinions, beyond. it makes life more interesting. talk about the weather, though. we have an unusual appearance in ' 30. on this day in 1930 the temperature soared to 106. it was the hottest day in washington history. and the next day 110. >> let's talk an the next three days we have readings in the lower 80s with a chance of a shower. tomorrow around 80. we are looking at some thunderstorms or showers possible and then wednesday back to isolated thunderstorms and temperatures in the middle 880s for highs there. a little more sunshine. mostly cloudy. humid, 60s and 70s. sun is up a minute before 6:00 a.m. mostly cloudy this afternoon.
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a few showers are possible. lower 80s. winds east southeast. and moisture off oof the atlantic. tonight a chance of showers. lows in the 60s and northeast wind five to ten. what i'm watching this morning, it is coming up from, see this holds together, right. you can follow this up to dc. yeah, we may see some showers in a few hours but that is something we will be watching. temperature-wise 73 at the naval air station at patuxent river. on the bay 72. fredericksburg 70. same with leesburg. and leesburg is one of those sites that seems to run on the warm side. 71 is the current temperature at reagan national with a east northeast wind at five and relative humidity 71%. we have a big dip in the jet over the east. unbelievable for july that we are seeing such a cool pattern going on across much of the east. all of this moisture just off shore here will take a beeline
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toward long island and eastern new england. for us, though, still going to be a little unsettled and with low pressure riding up the coast that's why we have a chance of showers and that northeasterly flow will keep us with more clouds than sunshine and temperatures on the cool side, at least to start the week. seven-day forecast 82 today with a show mark with better ch of storms on saturday wrath than sunday. hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. we want to help you get started. if you use the red line, expect fewer and slower trains this week through thursday morning's rush because investigators continue to investigate that july 22nd accident near the fort totten station. talk about the roads. this is a live shot of the outer loop. clear 95 to georgia avenue. inner loop is fine, moving
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without incident. here's route 4, route 5 suitland parkway and 301. this remains an accident free zone. we are also keeping an eye on 95 in virginia. northbound you are doing fine. find lanes wide open toward the prince william parkway and beyond and here's 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. drivers are moving at speed. over to you. here's a look at the living well headlines. health officials are preparing for more cases of the h1n1 flu this fall. they say despite the heat and humidity of the summer the swine flu continues to thrive. they estimate the flu has already infected millions around the world. we have heard about postpartum depression but depression during pregnancy maybe more common than you think. a survey of 800 pregnant women found that 44% had symptoms of depression during their pregnancy. researchers found those women had nearly twice the risk of
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giving birth early increasing health risks for their baby. according to a new study, women who regularly engaged in exercises like running and swimming for decades experienced a significant decline in their memory but they 0 found moderate exercise like brisk walks or bicycling helped to sharpen mental skills. we say good morning to kristin fisher. she's the web center talking about what is hot on the web this morning. good morning. >> reporter: one of the big stories on the web is the video taken allegedly by the taliban of a kidnapped u.s. soldier in afghanistan. the taliban allegedly posted that video on-line. they posted it yesterday and since then it has generated just an outpouring of support on all of the social networking sites, especially facebook. andrea has already showed you a clip of the video this morning. here it is, right here. if you do a youtube search for that video this is what will
5:19 am
up. keep inmind, this was posted just yesterday. in 24 hours i want to show you guys how many times this has been viewed. there's not just one clip. there are several clips. here's 12,000 views. 18,000 views. 21,000 views. 23,000 views. i goes on and on. there are 1,050 results if they are video. you can see the numbs are really starting to add up. the reason i bring this up, people are fond responding to this on facebook and twitter. already on facebook eight groups have been created about the captured soldier and you can see they range from rainbow bow go home. and really people are wanting to speak out and spend support to the family. one wrote as a wife of a u.s.
5:20 am
soldier my heart goes out to you and your family. my prayers will be for your safe return and reunion with your loved ones. that's what people are saying giving out prayers and nice thoughts to the family because really what else can you do and say. people are trying to reach and show support. >> heart breaking watching that video. >> it is. >> you are welcome. the open championship comes down to an extra round of intergenerational competition. and the nationals try to fight off a series sweep. you are watching 9 news now. (mom) soon, we'll be doing homework, getting up early, packing lunches and running for the bus. and we're ready for it. because we took all our lists and we went to walmart. since walmart checks other store's prices... i didn't have to. that means we got home in time... for just a little more summer -- and for one last night of lightning bugs.
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it is july 20th. here's a look at people celebrating a birthday today. in sports, tom watson entered the fourth and final day of the british open atop the leader board, but staying in the lead proved a challenge. on the first he would miss the par putt. watson still had the lead but stuart sink would tie the lead with this birdie on 18. there's that. all watson had to do is hit a putt for par on 18 to win but he left it short sending off a
5:24 am
playoff with stuart sink. so stuart sink is the winner. has been a winner where nontop ten guys have won majors. it was good for the local guy who led after two rounds. mock has been a pitching man. on sunday he got to start but it wouldn't be pretty. in the top of the fourth, soriano hits a bomb to left. cubs lead 3-2. the lone bright spot for the nats was a solo shot and the nats got swept in the fourth game series the final score 11-3. now to this tour de france, stage 15, 129 miles through the alps.
5:25 am
the stage belonged to spain who crushed everybody including lance armstrong who finished a minute and a half back. armstrong was able to bolt up to second place overall. love him or hit hate him the world could be seeing more of suspended nfl quarterback michael vick. and job losses in the auto industry could begin to slow down as one automaker caulk talks about job creation. it is 5:25. there are moments in time
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white house's push for health care reform becomes the key focus of congress and the sunday talk show circuit. welcome back to 9 news now. thanks for joining us. angie, who was watching the polo ponies this weekend will have the traffic in a moment. howard is starting off with the forecast. >> green cup polo ponies. >> that's right. >> they really did it as a fund-
5:29 am
raiser for local green groups. >> weather was the topic of the day. it was spectacular. >> a great week weather wise. monday comes and it is the monday grays. the clouds pushed in with the humidity and easterly wind and later on we have some showers in southern v.a. e icngh vithmoaror f orward and if they hold together they will be here in a few hours. 71 in town. upper 50s in winchester, low 60s hagertown and culpeper and southern maryland a temperature of 73. highs in the low 80s. average high is 88. not close to that but we could see a shower or two in spots during the day. angie, we are sitting at 5:29. good morning to you. >> nobody is playing hooky this morning. we are seeing a good amount, an extra amount of volume for this time of the morning. especially on big interstates. 270 is heavy from 121 and a lot of volume to the germantown
5:30 am
area from that.on. you are okay, however, still approaching the split. moving to the maps and show you 95 and the bw parkway. both trips are smooth sailing. nothing but green cars the same situation as we take you to virginia and show you the inner loop in this neck of the woods from 95 to 66. we can see according to realtime sensors drivers are clocking in at a good space. going a little over the speed limit. the key bridge, a live shot. taking it outside. this is drivers entering m street. a few of them there. really volume light through dc and happy to report no incidents or accidents at this time. over to you. >> thank you. president obama is pushing hard for congress to move ahead with legislation which would reform the american system of health care. the insurance industry is expected to come out in support of the change. susan roberts has more. >> reporter: the white house is sticking to the august deadline for overhauling the nation's
5:31 am
health care system. >> we can make that. we are working toward that. president obama will step up his campaign during a round table meeting with health care providers. he says reform maybe the single biggest issue to getting the economy on track. still republicans say rushing a bill through congress is not the answer. >> i don't think we ought to get the bills we have seen out of the house or senate before august because they are not the right way to go. >> reporter: lawmakers are considering several plans. the main proposal requires a hefty tax hike on the wealthy and a payroll tax on some employers who don't provide coverage for their workers. the house bill has hit a bump in the road. a report shows it would add $240 billion to the national deficit over the next decade. >> it did nothing to contain the rate of health care costs. those were damning words to be honest with you. >> reporter: democrats say
5:32 am
ignores several saving measures that will help the american people. >> the fact is we will have a bill that will meet their needs and will be paid for. we will not add to the deficit. that is a promise. we have that responsibility to the next generation. >> reporter: president obama also refuses to add redding to the federal books. he has vowed only to sign off on a bill that will lower health care costs in the long run. cbs news, washington. >> that's one map small step for man one giant leap for man kind. >> the country is marking the historic date with a look back and what can be still accomplished. armando trull is live from the air and space museum with more. >> good morning, andrea. the men who were the first to leave their footprint on the sandy soil of the moon are here in town to celebrate the 40th
5:33 am
anniversary of their historic achievement. 40 years ago today, neil armstrong captured the world's imagination by being the first human to walk on the moon. last night at the smithsonian, he recalled the competitive race for outer space between america and russia. >> it was intense and did did allow both sides to take the high with the objectives of science and learning and exploration. >> it was a packed house at the smithsonian. it seemed everyone was there to meet the men who did what no one in history had ever done before. >> since i was a kid really excited to be able to see them in person. it is a lot. >> andrea, when the apollo 111 crew meet with president obama later this morning they will dare the president to challenge
5:34 am
and challenge him to do what no one else has done before. they want a manned mission to mars. reporting live at the smithsonian, armando trull for 9 news now and >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon and states attorney are calling for changes in the way maryland deals with juveniles accused of violent crimes they say short detentions have not been affective in reducing crimes they say they should be placed in centers longer periods of time. michael vick will become a free man today. his dog fighting sentence is scheduled to end today. he will now be able to lose the electronic monitor he's been wearing under home confinement in virginia for the last two months of his 23 month sentence and allows him to work toward reinstatement in the nfl.
5:35 am
time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle is back with a preview of how our job prospects look the next few years it. >> could be a long slug the next few years but there is good news here. the u.s. won't see a return to full employment for six years, that is defined as a jobless rate of 5%. lawrence meyers predicts the jobless rate of 10% next year and 8% in 2011. on the upside, the washington region has one of the lowest rates in the country and should stay that way for some time. more good news. 100 new jobs will be created at a gm facility south of detroit. workers will assemble battery packs there for the new rechargeable electric car. the volt is due in show rooms next year. experts say the stage has been set for a housing crisis and a second for commercial real estate. the fed reports the delinquency rate on commercial loans is 7%.
5:36 am
that is double last year's level, but here's the upside. the district, maryland and virginia are expected to with stand the problems bear than the rest of the country and that is thanks in large part to the the federal government. time for the money-saving tip of the day. many of us have acquired bad habits through the years that seem to hard to break. but what about using think impact of these habits as a way to stop smoking or cut back on the coffee you drink. it costs $2,190 a year. kick the habits, do good things for your body and bank account. for more tips go to wusa usa and check out my blog, the financialista. >> i think people are surprised how the little things add up, like a $1 cup of coffee. >> i'm surprised there is a $1 cup of coffee. they plan to make $45
5:37 am
million in bike and pedestrian improvements at rail stations and the transit agency wants your help in determining how to do it. metro plans to hold a workshop on july 22nd at 5:30 p.m. at 600 5th street northwest. a beloved writer is remembered about the novel about his childhood. and the shuttle crew prepare for another day of plumbing maintenance. welcome back. we have a live shot of the outer loop from new hampshire to georgia we are seeing early morning volume but no significant delays. it is angie with more news next. stay with us.
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welcome back. the time is 5:39 and more drivers are filling out around around 50. more shots of the early delays are on the way. best selling author frank mccourt has died at a hospice. he was being treated for melanoma and meningitis. he was known for his best- selling angela's ashes. the book about his childhood
5:40 am
after his immigrant parents returned from island was awarded the pulitzer prize. sunday was a busy day for "endeavor" crew. they used the robotic arm to lift a platform loaded with space station parts out of the shuttle. the platform holds batteries that will be installed later this week. nasa wants to store as many big parts as possible at the international space station before it stops flying at the end of next year. two crew members will try to fix an out of service toilet aboard the space station. it flooded yesterday. today is the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. what's the best way to celebrate the even? some advice when we return. and nearly a dozen people are recovering after a multivehicle wreck in maryland. here's howard. >> out here on the weather terrace. not as comfortable as we get more humidity in the air and
5:41 am
the clouds are overhead. a chance of showers in the forecast and i will have complete details on that coming up. fa
5:42 am
5:43 am
engine company four as been renamed in honor of chief burton johnson. he was the district of columbia's first african- american fire chief. he was appointed to the post in
5:44 am
' 73 and was credited with the recruitment of more african- american firefighters. johnson died in 2007 at age 89. welcome back to 9 news now. howard is here to tell us about changes in the forecast. >> the nice dry pleasant direction of wind, the air was comfortable. today a southeasterly wind off the atlantic ocean so the humidity is up. clouds out there and we will show you radar in a moment and i think you should take the umbrella with you because there are a couple of showers in spots today. the next three days not the prettiest but not horrible. we are late july and look at the bright side, it is not 95, only 82 today with a shower. 80 tomorrow with a shower or thundershower and middle 80s on wednesday. still can't rule out an isolated mainly afternoon thunderstorm. so this morning, mostly cloudy.
5:45 am
a bit on the humid side, especially compared to the last couple of mornings. we will start in the 60s for most of us and rise to the 70s over the next few hours with light winds. mostly cloudy a few showers this afternoon. low 80s. east web southeast winds five to ten. tonight a chance of a shower. temperatures in the 60s. here we go. this is what we have been watching this morning. this area of showers moving north approaching richmond right now. we will see how much of this holds together. give it a few hour and you will see acolous of showers in west virginia, south of roanoke and off shore. doesn't look like it will be a wall of water moving toward us but we have clouds and a couple of showers. as we look at the time lapse, seeing mostly cloudy skies here. this will look better. mostly cloudy skies as we are a few minutes before the sunrise. temperatures? the low 70s here in town but low 60s to our north and west.
5:46 am
50s winchester the cool spot 57. 73 southern maryland. easton and cambridge in the middle 60s as well and fredericksburg 70 degrees. national we winds are east northeast at five and the we are watching moisture off shore that will track to long island and eastern new england. the upper levels of the atmosphere are going like this. when off big dip it is unsettled. cool an stormy in spots. that's the case for the first haft half of the week and a chance of a qume of showers here and there. here's the seven-day forecast. 82 today a shower or two is possible. on tuesday a chance of thunderstorms and only 80. mid-80s on wednesday and
5:47 am
thursday. friday upper 80s with an isolated storm. over the weekend around 90 the way it looks now. 71 degrees angie take it away. that's right. 13 minutes from the new hour. 6:00 almost and we are traveling on 50 westbound from the bay bridge through bowie to the beltway, nothing but green cars telling us drivers are moving at speed. speaking of 495, here's the outer loop. seeing a lot of taillights and volume between 95 and georgia. no significant delays just yet but they are coming. hey, virginia, 66 eastbound from 50 to the capital beltway. drivers are using their brakes. those head lights are starting to build and 395 northbound the same situation around duke street but overall you are oklahoma from pentagon to the 14th street bridge. and wrap it up with inbound new york avenue. flip that camera over and i can
5:48 am
show you one plain delay that set in. it starts at the times building and ends at bladensburg. now over to kristin who is standing by in the 9 news now web center. good morning, everybody. by now you probably know that today is the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing. in ' 69, man's first step on the moon was watched by millions of people around the world on television. but 40 years later, many people are reliving and remembering the event on-line. and i want to show you guys how they are doing that this morning. one of the most popular websites people are going to is a site called we choose the and this is it. the reason it is so popular is because it is interactive and lets you relive the apollo 11 mission in realtime. i showed you this site on friday when the apollo capsule looked like it was pretty much lost in space on a mission to the moon but now look at it.
5:49 am
it is, as you can see right here. it is right over the moon and it is in the middle of what is called stage seven. you can see right here. and that means this is when the lunar orbit is beginning. you can see down here it will commence stage eight in seven hours and 54 minutes and that is when man will begin his decent and actually land on the moon. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin taking those first steps on the moon. this is my personal favorite site. another site to check out is they are a high-tech agency i would say and they haven't spared any expense on their website and my favorite feature on the site, you can see quit a bit to look through but my favorite is this one. it is an interactive feature which lets you actually explore the apollo 11 landing site and andrea, check this out. you see these little red dots, those are all the places that
5:50 am
island drip and armstrong actually walked on the moon. if you click on one of those dots you can see what they were seeing at that point when they got out of the lunar module and were able to walk around. so that is a really cool site. finally just want to share with you guys this one. google moon. google moon is mapping out e apollo astronauts landed for all of the missions and there's some talk they might be launching a 3-d feature. so we'll see about what. could be happening sometime today and coming up a very special interview with the nasa astronaut, i can confirm she's many the house. we'll see what she has to say coming up. we think you would know who she is. coming up we will take a moment to reflect on the significance of the lunar landing and a man listed as missing for four years is finally allowed to return home. you are watching 9 news now.
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we all have confidence and we all have doubt. but when the moment comes... what's going to win? here's to confidence. gillette helps you look, feel, be your best. gillette. the best a man can get.
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several counties are asking for stimulus money that are being pummeled by foreclosure. the group is targeted 60 areas that would benefit from the grant. check out the washington examiner for the full story. this is a 9 news now exclusive which should make every government worker feel proud. it is a story of service and helping to send an old man home. give one flown home when new orleans was evacuated during hurricane katrina four years ago. >> reporter: at 73, he doesn't see or hear that well and his memory isn't what it used to be he arrived in washington in 2005. a u.s. citizen, rushed on a plane by the government to escape hurricane katrina and the only place he had ever lived, new orleans. >> for four years caseworkers with this dc housing authority have been trying to locate any family he may have living in new orleans still so they could send him back home. >> i started to call major
5:55 am
agencies like fema. >> reporter: griffin was housed at government expense like other evacwees. he was living alone at the capital park apartment and then a breakthrough in the search for a family member. on thursday, housing staffer vii ryan got a name out of him. >> he said lloyd was his brother's name. >> she located a lloyd griffin on the web. >> one particular one kept showing up from new orleans. >> he was one of the first evacwees to move in to a new home built by megastar brad pitt. >> had a picture of his brother and wife and i turned the computer and said is this your brother and that's my brother, that's my brother. >> reporter: he had thought his older brother might be dead. >> i thought my brother was dead. i thought he was dead. i didn't express that to nobody. >> reporter: a reunion was planned 24 hours after his family was located and he was
5:56 am
heading home. >> you will be on bourbon street by morning, back in town. i don't know about that bourbon street. >> reporter: with the police escort to washington on friday, housing staffers acquired hi ticket. a local charity so others might eat provided a suitcase of new clothes. 19 people from new orleans came to washington. by the time he gets home from washington there will be ten less. >> great pleasure to meet you. >> i know you are going to be so happy with your family. all right. you take care. >> late last night a u.s. airways flight delivered 73- year-old griffin back home to new orleans. >> home and good to stay home. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9 news now and well, today marks the 40th anniversary of the firsted
5:57 am
manned space landing on the moon. it is a milestone that remains one of the greatest achievements. we are joined by anna lee fisher for a look back on that day and what it has meant to her and her career. thank you for coming in. >> actually happy to be here. >> you flew on the space shuttle in ' 80s. >> i flew in ' 84 on "discovery." >> what was it like in ' 69 as a young girl. >> in 1969 i was in college just finish mid solve more year and the last summer i spent living at home and working and i remember we all watched that together and it just made me more than ever want to be part of the space program. >> did you have an interest in this before you saw what was happening? >> i had been interested since allen shepherd made his first flite and had been interested but at that time all the astronauts were test pilots and i one sure that was going to be something i would be able to do. >> they were also all men. >> that's true.
5:58 am
>> that is quite an ambition for ally did in the 60s to want to to be an astronaut. >> it was something in the back of my mind since 12 and i was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time with the right credentials when they started to accept mission specialists. >> it has been 36, 37 years since we went back to the moon. what's the next step. we have been doing the space shuttle program. that's about to go. >> we have the international space station which we are operating. we just selected the first class of astronauts that is dedicated purely to that and the follow on vehicle the oryne. >> what do you think of the realities of what is happening toe that funding a new mission to the moon or mars is something some people would love to see is really going to happen? >> in my experience since i have been with nasa the space program may not have always gotten as much money what it needed to do what i consider
5:59 am
miracles with the budget they had there is always support for the program. you can't neglect in investing in the future. if we stop exploring and pushing technology i think that would be unfortunate. >> one last question before we go. we have private industry with spaceship one and virgin galactic, richard branson's program. do you think private industry might plan something with nasa. >> that is a real possibility for near-earth orbit it might but going to moon and mars you always need the initial government investment and probably international for that. but certainly access to near- earth orbit i think will happen. >> thank you for your memories and thoughts here on the past, present and future of the space program. >> thank you so


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